Friday, December 31, 2004

Launched today with 'waiting in airport' series. for use from an mp4 format capable handset and from your regular desktop pc.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Travel Companion Invited

A Companion for the journey tonight was notified of the opportunity of a lifetime, an original invited companion has not confirm and has yet too see this site. I havn't mentioned that three is a good number.

via Mobile A920

The Blog Begins

Christmas has washed over now for 2004 so begins a new quest on a journey that will take you Around the Entire National Highway 1 of Australia, in a never seen before Internet Reality Based TeleDrama series that will span 365 days encompassing the wide open land captured via single 360 degree Lens captured at 7.1 megapixel and presented in javascript and quicktime web viewing. Each day another minimum of one virtual tour.

The Actors, Characters, Presenters, Crew - all in one's have not yet been confirmed.
It is estimated that the total travelling crew of 3 will depart, possibly Gold Coast early in 2005.
(Security crew to match requirements)

I am Christian from, this has been a long term concept I have thought about and 2005 Comes Alive starts Here and Now.

Expect to see one of the Internet's best 'webtainment' sites ever before seen. It will be mixed with Entertainment, Infotainment, Viewer Discussion all via the Web, including 3G and 2.5G technology. Thanks to Broadband, it's now a reality into millions of homes around the world.

* Forum moderator openings are now open.