Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Big Brother Australia 2006

Big Brothers curtain is being pulled back, The Australian 2006 series starts February 13, 2006.

In my humble opinion, Network Ten is disguising this years series as The Biggest Loser. The winners will be all Australians who watch the struggles, trials and tribulations of 12 or so ordinary Australians of 'American Size' getting back to regular Aussie Shape weight. He's been dropping clues everywhere, new series for 3 months every night Monday - Friday at 7pm. Friday night games are back too.

Good series ahead as no-one losses this year. They already win with losing weight, being healthier. Better than previous years sometimes trashy programming, this year we can all win by having wholesale Australian role models. I hope Mr. Big Brother 2006 enforces Manners, everyday for the entire time. Penalty, Sing the second verse of the National Anthem. Again, TV Viewers win.

And who said it was 'Controlled Media'. LOL

We'll just have to wait till Feb 13 to be sure... Unless of course you know a secret and want to put it in this blog? Hmmm... Cooee!!!

Be Safe Everyone,

Saturday, January 21, 2006

2006 has arrived

Happy New Year!
Doesn't time travel fast one moment it's winter then before you know it, summer is almost over and a new year has begun. I'm still living quietly in the Glass House Mountains with everything Internet on hold. Fuel costs are still crazy and the weather also a bit crazy. It would still be an awesome time to be on the roads travelling Australia. When it's meant to be it will be, all in perfect timing.
I feel I am living in a 'safe place' at the moment and feel this is whats right for this time. Lets see what 2006 has to bring.