Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Planetary Emergency - A 7 day Global challenge for Corporations

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Today in Bali Indonesia many Nations came together in peace to discuss a roadmap to surviving climate change and to set targets of reducing and being more accountable for CO2 emissions being pumped into the atmosphere with many warnings and cautions on how fast or slow we approach the challenge of correcting the balance. In the words of Al Gore, 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner for his work on Climate Change, "We, the human species, are confronting a planetary emergency -- a threat to the survival of our civilization that is gathering ominous and destructive potential even as we gather here," Mr Gore said at the gala ceremony in Oslo's City Hall, in front of Norway's royalty, leaders and invited guests.

I throw out the challenge today to all the corporations creating hundreds of tonnes of pollution and billions of dollars of profit to show you really do care about making change. People are in charge of these corporations money, humans decide how to spend some of the millions and billions of dollars they profit each year and in the interests of planetary security selling these 'special items' below should take less than 7 days to Sell OUT! That is the 7 day challenge! We at am deadly serious about making change and have the perfect option many corporations have been looking for, to get that Eco Green Buck extra worth of advertising for each dollar they spend. We have the solution, Trees, Green Electricity and 24/7 Internet advertising shouting to the world - we have accepted the challenge look at what we have done... in 2007. Quick days are running out fast...


Saturday, December 01, 2007

NEWS FLASH! Certificate IV Business plan approved for Global Carbon Trading

Hello Again World!
Welcome to Summer downunder and a great reason to say g'day and here's what been going on. Fuel Prices through the roof, you know that I am sure already so how have I compensated for travel time wasted? By becoming clearer on what it is that my life is creating oh so slowly around me. My old dreams are still there and I know they fit into life so instead of searching for a path in life to walk, I'll just enjoy this path I am already on a little more, savor the moments more and let one foot follow the second foot through life to, here. 1st of December of 2007, just under 61 months to go in this current cycle of life, a destinational date. Where will you be? Keep watching this blog I'll tell you where I am along the way, currently I am still in the Beautiful heritage listed Glass House Mountains enjoying life's daily essentials on Freedom Farm, reinventing the wheel and solving world peace (my own little world). My future path is still heading outback, the journey still to be, just a little uniquely as you see, I will have a new Freedom Farm shortly, a much much bigger Freedom Farm in outback Queensland where we will mass plant trees, rehabilitate the environment and produce excess green electricity via wind turbines all in response to Carbon Pollution by everyone. This blog will be our travelers journey, between the City Farm and the outback farm. The motor-home getting us there will provide initial accommodation on the remote farm station also, so if you would like to supply an environmentally green motor-home suitable for Australian conditions, contact me. I have not had much feedback from readers and wouldn't even know if this blog is really read. If you have read through and especially if you want to read more, please comment on what you would like to hear and see. I do video as well, you can see examples on the Blog which is what has brought me to writing this blog entry today. It looks like our path and journey for the next 12 months is paved out ahead heading directly where my heart a dozen years ago said it was going, destination, in sight. Your welcome to virtually join me.

It is official, as of Thursday November 29th, 2007 the '' business plan was approved by the Australian Government's, Department of Employment and Workplace Relations in conjunction with the efforts by Andrew and Loren of Sarina Russo Business College, New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) program.

What this means is, the previous Liberal John Howard Government in hand-over partnership agreement with Kevin Rudd's new Labor Government financially supports and backs this Global Carbon Trading web-site Enterprise, for a minimum of 12 months, unless we fail to produce a profit within 3 Months! Yes, this website must now start doing as it's promised to do which is convert Global currencies and precious metals into Fresh Air Breathing forests and green electricity produced by wind turbines, supplementing the National Grid to reduce the demands and need for Coal and Nuclear power stations. Our company may start as a drop in the pond, with time, our drops combined becomes a great ocean, great change to reverse the damage our global lifestyle has on the planet, still our only home.

This also signals the end of our Beta testing period, we have been successful with test payments and we have had new Carbon Traders join, upload their images and links successfully. To this date, $0 has been converted to save the planet, thank-you for those that have still shown free support and have mentioned us on their Blog. We plan to keep this site evolving as much as possible as technology changes, however the base principle of trading grids will remain the same, our future goals include 'sister' sites to provide content such as live web camera streaming from the efforts produced from Trading on this site, "Farm Cam". In 100 years time, our forest will open to the public to enjoy in peace, good spirits and good health. Until that time, it will remain a virtual forest, available to visit only from the Internet and Google Earth(when it shows up from space). The cleaner air started two years ago when our founder Christian Curtis settled his first, "Freedom Farm" in Glass House Mountains Australia and during this time discovered the health benefits of fresh air produced by existing and new vegetation rehabilitation. From a great drought this journey fueled with faith presses on towards, Freedom Forest™ a legacy for our future generations, historically, showing who in the world cares enough for this planet to invest just a few bucks offsetting pollution already created. People of Earth, you are in Carbon Debt, Offset credit will balance the scales. Do the fresh thing.

Thank-you for your future support from the whole team behind | Global Carbon Trading for everyone

P.S. I'm still looking for the real deal perfect partner to join the journey in real life.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Still looking for travel Partner

Hello again world!
I'm settled now on Freedom Farm in the Glass House Mountains and still the burning desire to travel is inside my heart. It has been frustrating that the person I live with isn't as keen to create the opportunity to travel this great land as I am. However this could be turning out to be a blessing in disguise, as he would make for good security here at home while away traveling. So the call goes out again to the world, if you are ready and wanting to travel Australia with an Australian guide and are prepared to share our experiences online then get in contact with me today. Lets open and start dialog to make this journey reality.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Creating interest while finding myself

Eight months have past since my last post yet the desire to someday travel Australia sharing it online still burns deep inside however I'm not in such a rush any more, I'm very happy with the decision made a year ago to establish some roots and firstly create a place called home. Home is the place that while having a bad day traveling can brighten your day with the visualization of happy memories and a comfortable bed, at home. Home for me is perfect, it satisfies my desire to go camping regularly and has also filled my days with things that need to be done. At first it was overwhelming and finding a starting place doing something totally new to me was very daunting until I was rescued by Michael, someone who has the desire for gardening and skills to create a comfortable home. Since the late 1990s I had been planting seeds in my mind of what I wanted to achieve from my home, not only did it need to provide shelter I wanted the opportunity to turn it into income producing or better primary food producing to help my issues about eating and also to contribute to either community or family with the excess surplus of vegetables or fruits. At first I looked at land in North Queensland with much cleared area to re vegetate, reforest and toil large plots for growing. At the same time I was happy to find a house or shed that needed to be renovated, now looking back in hindsight that would of been a life times work! A lifetime I'd rather spend closer to family and established population areas like Brisbane and Gold Coast. I've been a little spoilt by the added bonuses that I had not considered when finding property that I have found here, not only is the area critical to the establishment of Australia but also has remnant bush rock that formed millions of years ago by active volcanoes which only the cores remain today. These local monoliths were named 'Glass House Mountains' by Captain James Cook in his discovery of Australia in the late 1700s. Being surrounded by National Heritage listed National Parks provides the opportunity to plant flowering native trees to feed visiting bird-life on their migratory travels each year. These trees and new gardens have been rejuvenated from the overgrowth and weed infestation that covered most of my two acres revealing an immense amount of time and energy previously gone into the foundations of the property by establishing terraced gardens including irrigation and just enough cleared land for the main house to be constructed later in time. This cleared land spot once had an old home there sadly destroyed by bush-fire in 1994 with only the concrete water-tank remaining. The house I call home is a converted shed built after the fire, lower down hill on the property, however once inside its more spacious than some city units I have lived in and without doubt it's furnished outstandingly providing the city comfort feel we are both accustomed to, again thanks to a friend like Michael, it has become better than I thought possible. Not only have we created a home, we discovered new pleasure in the gardens now planted and only this Autumn I planted pumpkin, watermelon, strawberries and lettuce. A couple of our native trees will fruit with time that we can spend traveling!

As my lifetime goal is to become self sufficient financially via internet sites, I have created to log the journey of dreaming, being and sharing achievements connected to Freedom Farm. After this blog entry and maybe lunch I am going to start another sub-site focused on Bromeliads of Freedom Farm. A surprisingly fascinating prehistoric plant that constantly evolves providing splendid foliage and extraordinary flowers which only the Pineapple is a fruit but still within the Bromeliad family. Our gardens had some original 'Broms' that we have split and transplanted around various gardens that have become quite full from new Broms we have either purchased or had given to us. My guess is we'd have over 30 types at this stage and will take much time to number, catalogue and photograph to form an online virtual garden I'd like to create. My Yahoo 360 blog also has photographs of the process to date. I will keep this journal for travels, so for progress of home, farm and garden watch my Yahoo 360.

Until my travels are financed, good health and wealth to you :)