Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Fuel Costs, Natural Earth Change Events etc

Well as you can see, Spring has started and no departure - No offers, no sponsors.
Plan B: Settle down. This is I done and have found my self on the western base of Mt Tibrogargon, Glasshouse Mountains - Queensland.

Apologies for the 360 fault on the left, don't worry, a new one coming with next update, I guess it was another omen.

I have in-definitely postponed the roadtrip until I can economically get a Natural Energy (Solar/Oxygen/ElectroMag/CF) powered motorhome, I will not try to do it with Oil Based products with the state of Oil in the world following Hurricane Katrina. Funny how the news doesn't show you what's happening with the oil rigs yet can show dead people flowing down the river. Then the next article is Highest Price record on fuel costs... How will the world handle another Katrina this year (maybe this month) hitting the same region. Upto 49% of the United States Oil Production can be stopped,by nature (intelligent nature?)

Onto other things, I have been in awe watching the start of this years MTV MVA (Music TeleVision Music Video Awards 2005! I have to say it was the best arena stage productions I have ever witnessed. It demonstrates the state of Americans too - music role models at their 'best'. Sad to see though there are still those being conned that a 'soul sold to the devil' is a good deal - LOL Think about 'Who' you do a deal with before you 'agree'. Personally I choose the un-fallible option, almost always unless I want to experience a negative emotion/experience.

In the end we all end up where we are supposed to be and I am supposed to be here right now. I'm pretty excited to have my own place now and in a location of inspiration and cleansing so this journey will continue, I'll refine it a little and I'll still present stunning 360 degree photography of this great land down under, Australia.

Online Photography Gallery coming soon. Sponsors need not apply.

Keep Smiling and looking up,