Thursday, October 19, 2006

freedom4life Productions Public Release

Congratulations to the team of Me at Productions, who for the first time since the dream of 2006 began, have we published our first Official 'shortCut'. It is an under four minute introduction to my website,

Last Sunday afternoon the thought came to mind, it's time to add video to my front page, all I have learnt in the past few weeks with YouTube, Google Video AU, Fireant and all I was hearing and seeing what I have been waiting for, an alternative to Global Porn, WebTV by anyone, for anyone, for any reason... have the thought, take some action, keep consistent with action, see it through to completion, complete whatever it is you started out doing, then Celebrate in your Success or your Valuable Lessons learnt. That's how this Blog Entry came to be. This 24 hour Internet Shift is almost over :) phew... for the first time ever, in all my jobs, I am enjoying every moment, even starting again at 95% completion... read about that on the video. Here, enjoy YouTube's Version of's Introduction.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Blog Upgrade Complete

Google has now released Blogger Beta. This Blog has just now completed this upgrade. Take a look - make a comment - add my RSS!

New Videos In Process.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Lucky Friday 13th

Representing the lucky country today at I am having 90% discount day! Be quick, help secure your place in history, and get this Site Alive!


Saturday, October 07, 2006

eBay Auctions

I started Five auctions just now at eBay. On the third listing I thought of value adding by including some donated Pixel space to give the site a kick start. Lets see what can happen in Three Days. Profits aid and the establishment of Kookaburra Cottage.

Christian and moonofearth_au

Friday, September 22, 2006

Glass House Mountains

Hi, I know it's been a while since posts, things have been quite full on occupying my time. I have discovered the Real Estate bug especially showcasing some of the worlds best offerings at the same time I have discovered where I want to base myself from, Glass House Mountains Queensland Australia! Now I have place to base this whole expedition from :) With the help from :-)
Today I am sitting outside the Glass House laundromat waiting for washing to dry and put up a couple of flyers. Keep tuned as progress continues. . .
Christian :)
P.S. Delayed waiting for mobile settings from internet at home. Alls Good.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering September 11

Five years ago to this hour, The twin towers in New York City fell to the ground. Five years on wounds sound healed, the people of America are strengthened.

For Historical record, I'd like to remind everyone that Asbestos was used in the World Trade Centre construction. Also the Towers fell at the Speed of Gravity, not Slower that the Pancaking of floor hitting floor would create. The only answer and solution to many Physics anomalies is 'Control Demolition of the Twin Towers' by PTB or NWO. Many of the live news feed shows UFOs at critical moments... I wonder if they have 'Video Cameras'?

Today, is quite special for me and my websites as in the Past 24 hours I have uploaded my first videos to YouTube, including promo videos for and Alpha Realty.

My prayers and healing to all those effected by 9/11

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Maybe the Dream is Closer than we see?

Last week I spent time at Alpha Realty office in Mooloolah Valley at the same time as a Mobile Home/Camper, Mercedes Benz Turbo, High $90's Three Years of Touring was parked outside, up for sale! Only finding this out by the owner who advised he had just finished touring and time to sell. If only I had the cash and was ready to Re-Discover Australia. It's been fun becoming more established here in the Glass Houses, one year on September 1. Take a Virtual Tour, look now at Freedom Farm.

For the past seven and half months, I have had a new best friend move in with me here, Michael. He also dreams of Driving around Australia however his experience is much more limited in self drive exploration. Sure he knows city streets and local country roads however, be alone driving 1000 kilometers from civilisation and everything is different. Safer with today's technology and Royal Flying Doctor Service yet quite personally liberating discovering that the Earth has an entirely different reality only a few hundred kilometers away, in the Outback. With time, we'll see if an Outback Adventure with Michael and Christian comes to Our Reality ;)

We planted 9/25 new trees and shrubs today around Freedom Farm. Photo's in new Mini-Site of Glass House Mountains coming soon.

Freedom Farm is a Fauna and Flora Refuge and Re-rehabiliation property located on the northern fringe of Brisbane Australia. Donations to this Not For Profit organisation welcome. By visiting and supporting on site advertisers, you are helping contribute to the success and future existence of this Blog. Primary Supporters: and

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mystery surrounds green 'comet'

From my LiveJournal:

9:47 pm
- Mystery surrounds green 'comet'

Source Owns Copyright>
Mystery surrounds green 'comet'
Wednesday May 17 11:55 AEST
The strange green light passing over Brisbane (Photo courtesy of ninemsn reader)

The strange green light passing over Brisbane (Photo courtesy of ninemsn reader)By ninemsn staff

An unidentified green object streaked across the Queensland sky last night, before landing on a property between Toowoomba and Warwick near the Great Dividing Range.

Farmer Don Vernon lives on the property next to where the object hit the ground, and watched it come in to land.

"I was finished on the farm and driving home, and as I came in the gate I faced this enormous green ball of light with a white centre.

"It disappeared behind a ridge and I immediately drove out over the ridge without stopping so I was there in a few minutes.

"When I turned the lights off the car I saw a glowing green ball up on the ridge three-quarters of a mile away and a smaller piece was rolling down the side of the ridge. They were both glowing green," he said.

Mr Vernon, who is in his seventies, said the object landed on a steep section of land that was covered in undergrowth and was not easily accessible.

"It was a brilliant light before it landed," he says. "A bit like a green sun. I rang a neighbour and asked if he had found superman."

Astronomers are uncertain whether the object was a piece of space junk or a meteorite, however Jim Barclay from the Maidenwell Observatory suspects it was part of a satellite or some rocket casing.

"The description that I received from phone calls was that it was of a greeny blue colour which typically suggests something metallic," Mr Barclay said.

"Over 20,000 pieces of space junk are currently hurtling around the earth and they have to come back down. If this had landed on someone's house though it could have killed someone," he said.

The object, which looked like a comet, was spotted by hundreds of people and airport control towers across south-east Queensland at around 6:30pm last night.

I have for the past couple of weeks been out a little west of GlassHouse at Toowoomba. About a 3 hour country drive, very temping stops on the way though to try the local produce fresh from the farms. ..... off subject, I was in Toowoomba and did not see or hear the actual comet or debris? if any? Coool, to know if there was and land markings from either impact or landing? Some makes you wonder if someone who bought old Uranium from us had used and abused it to bits and now wants to through it back? Would Mr Burns do that ;) or Homer Accidently? We'll check someday and see... At tleast we'd have a catalyst. Be curious to know if a security team was despatched to the local area at the time? I saw no direct evidence.

I'm sure that we were expecting some incoming objects like metors or comets, I'm sure I read or heard expected arrival date was about... now?... Passing close to earth which I thought would be cooler to see than Halley's Comet I saw when last here, this time I haven't seen or heard any TV or Radio talk about it. I'm not looking for web wevidence as it may npot be accurate.

Good news! I'm off on a work/holiday to Melbourne For Spring and One Year Anniversary of Freedom Farm ! Hip Hip Hooray! Who would of Guested that it's turning out as it is ....

I'm being called away for not completeing my 'J.O.B' even though this 20 minute time usage isn't due till Sunrise, I'm LAZY!!! LOL
The sudden reason for going is Jetstar is having a Friend Flys Free promotion! Yep so both Michael and I are off toMelbourne probably(hopefully) with Jason and his friend who'll come too.... It's been a long time planning for us J and I to go Celebrate Spring Carnival (Horse Racing Flemington) we came close last year yet funds again restricted us, not yet to I feel we'll all have something to Celebrate! His Internet Access Laundromat in Atherton NQ and I having Freedom Farm.

current music: watching.... Missing Persons Unit

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Big Brother 2006 Begins

Last night, BB06 started in Australia. Very soon tonight we will get to see the big show for ourselves. I have signed up on the offical site, however I will decide if to watch the series after tonight's launch. Am still considering the 24/7 stream if they are Hot or Not :)

My flatmate has disliked every series for the low moral standards so lets see if this year is better and he watches with me... oh I hope so, I might even then get a season pass and catch a train to Dreamworld?

Freedom Farm @ Glass House Mountains is NOW ESTABLISHED

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tip of the Day

As seen at my livejournal


Take a moment out,
turn off the television,
shut off the music and listen.

Just listen to the sounds in your head
the sounds that you hear when you're asleep
Take a moment out now
to listen in alone.

What you may hear is your deepest of fears
or streams of loving desires all in the way of the light.
It feels so safe inside, somewhere to hide
If it's love you want, It's from the pump you've got.

Christian CC2k6

Monday, February 13, 2006

A snippet from elsewhere

Snip From:

Below is a prophetic statement by Thomas Jefferson, concerning paper money,
bankers and corporations. He was 100% correct, but the American people were and
are too selfish to care, or listen.

"If the American people ever allow the banks to control issuance of their
currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers occupied."(Thomas

Is it too late America, are we doomed to die the same death as the Roman Empire?


James Montgomery

== I Reckon it's now so obvious, even Americans can see that too. Biblicly are they also the Falling Roman Empire? in the end of days? == CC

Tonight we find out!

Will tonight be the First night of Big Brother? At 7pm when "The Biggest Loser" does or does not start we should know! website still says site coming soon even though it should start tonight. If BB06 is tonight then Congrats to the BBteam as the secret was well kepted! If the Biggest Loser starts then don't I just look silly LOL

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Big Brother Australia 2006

Big Brothers curtain is being pulled back, The Australian 2006 series starts February 13, 2006.

In my humble opinion, Network Ten is disguising this years series as The Biggest Loser. The winners will be all Australians who watch the struggles, trials and tribulations of 12 or so ordinary Australians of 'American Size' getting back to regular Aussie Shape weight. He's been dropping clues everywhere, new series for 3 months every night Monday - Friday at 7pm. Friday night games are back too.

Good series ahead as no-one losses this year. They already win with losing weight, being healthier. Better than previous years sometimes trashy programming, this year we can all win by having wholesale Australian role models. I hope Mr. Big Brother 2006 enforces Manners, everyday for the entire time. Penalty, Sing the second verse of the National Anthem. Again, TV Viewers win.

And who said it was 'Controlled Media'. LOL

We'll just have to wait till Feb 13 to be sure... Unless of course you know a secret and want to put it in this blog? Hmmm... Cooee!!!

Be Safe Everyone,

Saturday, January 21, 2006

2006 has arrived

Happy New Year!
Doesn't time travel fast one moment it's winter then before you know it, summer is almost over and a new year has begun. I'm still living quietly in the Glass House Mountains with everything Internet on hold. Fuel costs are still crazy and the weather also a bit crazy. It would still be an awesome time to be on the roads travelling Australia. When it's meant to be it will be, all in perfect timing.
I feel I am living in a 'safe place' at the moment and feel this is whats right for this time. Lets see what 2006 has to bring.