Friday, March 28, 2008

Our Carbon offset and farming purpose

Fuel prices have not yet dropped and my burning desire to get outback and travel still burns. Life has slowly directed my life to see new purpose and reason for going outback. Still I want to camp under the billion visible stars. Now with Farmer Christian's (that's me) | Global Carbon Trading website, the reason is to purchase and maintain outback Conservation Properties. Our travels between here in the Glass House Mountains and outback will be covered here in video, photo and text stories. I'm still looking for the second person to join this adventure, however, nolonger am I waiting around, I am strong to go alone, or cross that bridge when I get there. Here's more about our future projects that have been running for two years in the background.

For every block of carbon offsets you buy you will be helping Australian native wildlife through reforestation and avoided deforestation projects, that is, creating new, AND saving old habitats.

When we fly, drive or put on the air conditioner for example we produce harmful greenhouse gas emissions in the form of CO2. Offsetting simply means that you pay for your emissions to be neutralised elsewhere, do unto the Earth as you would like the Earth to do unto you, that came before treating other people as you expect to be treated.

By planting trees CO2 released by you into the atmosphere can be harnessed, through the natural process of photosynthesis (carbon sequestration). And by saving trees carbon sequestration just carries on! Year in and year out, the natural process of the natural Elements will balance and restore Earths beauty and health, one day and one year at a time. My vision is my grand children will one day visit 200 year old trees, reserved, for their children see the trees age to 300. If we are going to dream positive, dream big positive together.

As our projects become funded by you, we want to take you on our conservation journey in video, photos and interactive internet TV broadcasting. We are a young enterprise, setting sail on this epic adventure at the right time, in an open and transparent example of Carbon Offset Farming. Please plant your seed by uploading your image and link from our Get Credits page. Then bookmark us, rss subscribe to this blog, settle back and enjoy watching your offset come to life and grow. You can also find Farmer Christan on