Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Creating interest while finding myself

Eight months have past since my last post yet the desire to someday travel Australia sharing it online still burns deep inside however I'm not in such a rush any more, I'm very happy with the decision made a year ago to establish some roots and firstly create a place called home. Home is the place that while having a bad day traveling can brighten your day with the visualization of happy memories and a comfortable bed, at home. Home for me is perfect, it satisfies my desire to go camping regularly and has also filled my days with things that need to be done. At first it was overwhelming and finding a starting place doing something totally new to me was very daunting until I was rescued by Michael, someone who has the desire for gardening and skills to create a comfortable home. Since the late 1990s I had been planting seeds in my mind of what I wanted to achieve from my home, not only did it need to provide shelter I wanted the opportunity to turn it into income producing or better primary food producing to help my issues about eating and also to contribute to either community or family with the excess surplus of vegetables or fruits. At first I looked at land in North Queensland with much cleared area to re vegetate, reforest and toil large plots for growing. At the same time I was happy to find a house or shed that needed to be renovated, now looking back in hindsight that would of been a life times work! A lifetime I'd rather spend closer to family and established population areas like Brisbane and Gold Coast. I've been a little spoilt by the added bonuses that I had not considered when finding property that I have found here, not only is the area critical to the establishment of Australia but also has remnant bush rock that formed millions of years ago by active volcanoes which only the cores remain today. These local monoliths were named 'Glass House Mountains' by Captain James Cook in his discovery of Australia in the late 1700s. Being surrounded by National Heritage listed National Parks provides the opportunity to plant flowering native trees to feed visiting bird-life on their migratory travels each year. These trees and new gardens have been rejuvenated from the overgrowth and weed infestation that covered most of my two acres revealing an immense amount of time and energy previously gone into the foundations of the property by establishing terraced gardens including irrigation and just enough cleared land for the main house to be constructed later in time. This cleared land spot once had an old home there sadly destroyed by bush-fire in 1994 with only the concrete water-tank remaining. The house I call home is a converted shed built after the fire, lower down hill on the property, however once inside its more spacious than some city units I have lived in and without doubt it's furnished outstandingly providing the city comfort feel we are both accustomed to, again thanks to a friend like Michael, it has become better than I thought possible. Not only have we created a home, we discovered new pleasure in the gardens now planted and only this Autumn I planted pumpkin, watermelon, strawberries and lettuce. A couple of our native trees will fruit with time that we can spend traveling!

As my lifetime goal is to become self sufficient financially via internet sites, I have created freedom4life.com/freedomfarm to log the journey of dreaming, being and sharing achievements connected to Freedom Farm. After this blog entry and maybe lunch I am going to start another sub-site focused on Bromeliads of Freedom Farm. A surprisingly fascinating prehistoric plant that constantly evolves providing splendid foliage and extraordinary flowers which only the Pineapple is a fruit but still within the Bromeliad family. Our gardens had some original 'Broms' that we have split and transplanted around various gardens that have become quite full from new Broms we have either purchased or had given to us. My guess is we'd have over 30 types at this stage and will take much time to number, catalogue and photograph to form an online virtual garden I'd like to create. My Yahoo 360 blog also has photographs of the process to date. I will keep this journal for travels, so for progress of home, farm and garden watch my Yahoo 360.

Until my travels are financed, good health and wealth to you :)