Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Added Yahoo! Messenger

I have added a Yahoo! Messenger Icon on the left of the main page to show when I am online or not. This to start with will be a trial as I have never publicly shown when I am on or offline. If all goes well, it will be great to be on the road and able to chat in real time live with anyone around the world. It would be ideal to have webcam at the same time also, however until all technical issues are sorted this is just in the concept stage.

All other concept plans are developing well, still no confirmed sponsors as no direct contact has yet been made from my efforts. I feel once I do things will just race along and fall into place, I still feel though there is a blockage that needs sorting and time will reveal this.

I am considering a Solstice departure, being Australia this will be the shortest day of the year.