Thursday, July 31, 2008

Video: A Mooloolah Train Journey in Winter 2008

Winter 2008 presented the opportunity to catch a train and a walk to the Rivers Edge and The Springs of Mooloolah Valley. I'll tell you more about it during Friday's Sunshine Coast City RealEstate and Property Show!

Discover a Village Community for you, and your family, loved ones, pets - whatever it is you love - share it with friends. Mooloolah Valley, Established a century ago and we like it to remain that way, however we also like to share to choose from The Springs or The Rivers Edge for brand new land for sale waiting for your home construction of your dreams! Check our website ( for established homes and properties For Sale or watch The Sunshine Coast City RealEstate and Property Show, Bi-Weekly, Monday and Friday at 2pm local (AU EST) across the freedom4life production network including and

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Rivers Edge Stage One Flashback Video

Located less than an hours express train or drive from Brisbane City's CBD is Queensland's Re-Discovered Sunshine Coast. 15 minutes from Caloundra City on the Coast, is Mooloolah Valley in the foothills of the Blackall Range. A new two stage residential estate is being created. The Rivers Edge. Enjoy this presentation and why not visit for more info if your ready to make a Lifestyle change to experience Country Village Life.
The Rivers Edge stage one video:

Hope you enjoy! Stage Two is For Sale NOW as seen regularly on the Sunshine Coast City RealEstate and Property Show

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Real Estate Property as New Breath into this Blogger blog

Welcome to a new month and a new Australian Financial year! Wishing you many happy returns from the Australian Tax Office (ATO) to you!

Thanks to organisations such as the ATO/IRS, life costs more and fuel prices are globally out of control! Fuel prices have doubled since I began this blog years ago in the anticipation and offering to travel Australia and capture it's beauty in 360 degree virtual Internet tours of awesomeness. Me and a mate travelling this great southern land or I was to find a place to call home and settle. Which is the option that has transpired over the past few years. A mate has shared the journey here for a couple of those years, but now it has evolved into just me and his dog, Rocky. How long Rocky will be mine to care for is unknown, as is my financial year ahead. I like the unknown, because until you venture into it, it will remain unknown. As for the years past 2012, they like my past 33 years are in God's Hands, well more like through God's faith using my hands, my future is ours. I can not see anything else in my future except blogging and creating daily live video, instead of from across Australia, it is from Freedom Farm and Elston Studios of Glasshouse Mountains, where I now call home. This Spring (September 1st) will be the start of my fourth year and by that time, I hope I don't even need to think about finances, like I trust God to keep me breathing, I trust he will be my finances and my new economy, which he is already. That will mean that over the next couple of months, his miracles will be seen now also via this blog too - woo hoo! He gets everything before I die. All the Glory anyway because without him and his Son, I'd no longer exist already.

I do exist, and I exist today better than I have ever existed, because his freedom that set me free so long ago is also the ability to do something or nothing. For too long, this blog has been doing Nothing. Time for Exercise, Spice and Life! Inspired Life! Life of health and happiness which can only be described in one word. Gayness! Keep your mind above your pants before your judgments. Gay used to mean something happy, jubilant, joyous. Living on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland Australia can also create a happier, more jubilant and yes more joyous Gay life! We have it all, seek and you SHALL find... Find it downunder. A word of warning though, Your life may be extended longer, Women officially (Au B of Stats) live longer on the Sunshine Coast than any other Australian city reaching on average 83.9 years! It could be our mountain and ocean mix of fresh air, relaxed lifestyle and community that creates happiness to live and love, a true Gay Society!
Men and Women of the World, It's time to prove the world wrong, it is time to prove Gay and Love creates community for all. One World Of Peace. I do not know a time when Gay Communities fought over ground with weapons, hands or fists. Love Conquers all. I do know in many, many countries groups of Men that stood up for their expression of Freedom and Said, This is Who I Am. Love Me. I Love You, hear me. And walked(and danced) in Joy and Jubilation down city streets, in Peace. With or without the full community peace can prevail with acceptance, equality and forgiveness of all, in a perfect world - His Kingdom Come. It is time for me to share a safe Australian place, where acceptance is normal. Race, Colour, Past Sins. Equality. For Sale, For Rent and Future investment property growth, Land - House - Unit/Condo, see it all and more at the Gay Capital of Earth and at Gay Capital of Australia, both .com's and both also created by me, Christian Curtis, Licensed Real Estate agent in Queensland Australia, via the Real Estate Institute of Queensland and Department of Fair Trading.

Each Monday and Friday at 2pm (local AU EST) I, Farmer Christian Curtis presents the Sunshine Coast City Real Estate and Property Show live from Glass House Mountains of the Sunshine Coast. Previous episodes are available directly from Broadcast Headquarters, Automatic Live streaming available from and and both have interactive Live Chat directly below the video stream.

As this new, focused, direction takes growth expect to see more life right here in this blog as it will play a major part of this new direction for releasing information regarding Sunshine Coast City Real Estate and Property news, views, and property lifestyle based reviews! I look forward to sharing my world in 360 and I endeavour to help you create a better world too, for you.