Friday, September 22, 2006

Glass House Mountains

Hi, I know it's been a while since posts, things have been quite full on occupying my time. I have discovered the Real Estate bug especially showcasing some of the worlds best offerings at the same time I have discovered where I want to base myself from, Glass House Mountains Queensland Australia! Now I have place to base this whole expedition from :) With the help from :-)
Today I am sitting outside the Glass House laundromat waiting for washing to dry and put up a couple of flyers. Keep tuned as progress continues. . .
Christian :)
P.S. Delayed waiting for mobile settings from internet at home. Alls Good.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering September 11

Five years ago to this hour, The twin towers in New York City fell to the ground. Five years on wounds sound healed, the people of America are strengthened.

For Historical record, I'd like to remind everyone that Asbestos was used in the World Trade Centre construction. Also the Towers fell at the Speed of Gravity, not Slower that the Pancaking of floor hitting floor would create. The only answer and solution to many Physics anomalies is 'Control Demolition of the Twin Towers' by PTB or NWO. Many of the live news feed shows UFOs at critical moments... I wonder if they have 'Video Cameras'?

Today, is quite special for me and my websites as in the Past 24 hours I have uploaded my first videos to YouTube, including promo videos for and Alpha Realty.

My prayers and healing to all those effected by 9/11