Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Online Photo Albums

I have setup an online photo album where photos of the journey will be located and available to download and purchase if they appeal to the viewer. The sample photos have been taken with a Canon G6 7.1 Mega Pixel camera. These are samples only, the page layout and logo will change as this project progresses.

Happy Australia Day

Happy Australia Day!

Today I have added google adsense, a counter and link to Get Firefox, my browser of choice. All can be found in navigation sidebar on the left.

I have been considering using e-bay as a tool on the road, selling various items I come across on my journey - if you have any feedback or comments regarding this it would be appreciated. Any ideas on what would sell well? I was thinking from unusual antiques or trinkets to souvenirs from little towns like spoons, badges etc. I have never sold anything as yet on e-bay however I am in the process of learning and starting a few Auctions in the coming week.

I have only mapped a very preliminary route around the country. Where to be and when can vary so much in terms of climate and special events in various locations. Also should we leave on a special day like ANZAC day etc? Once these questions are answered I will contact various companies for support and sponsorship for joint web advertising etc. I'll keep you posted once I get closer to this most important stage.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Tentative Yes x1

One of the invited companions has said tentatively yes to joining the expedition around Australia! After recent conversations with him we have come to the conclusion that just two of us would work better than three both financially and also logisticly.

It will make for an interesting journey as we have been chatting via MSN for over a year but yet to meet in person face to face. This is not an issue for me as I'm normally a pretty good judge of character and we will have plenty to talk about during the hundreds of kilometers between towns.

As the planning stages progress I will invite him to contribute to this blog.

It's now time to open the way to lock in sponsors for the journey.

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