Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Economy Lifestyle Properties with Growing Food

Todays featured properties:
Timberrrrr - A$445k
Reduced $40k - A$190k

Watch today's Sunshine Coast City RealEstate and Property Show

Ten years ago, my friends would be able to tell you that the information contained in this video was prophecy, now it is history. This video is from November 2007. How things have changed. And just this week, Beijing Olympics and Russia goes to war with America's friend, Georgia. The good news from this weeks Sunshine Coast City RealEstate and Property Show was the confirmation that rumors of official Interest rate drops are very possible next meeting! The Video following is very well worth watching, as it confirmed to me that I am doing he right thing by sharing the types of community George Green describes, but in Australia. Mooloolah Valley is a prime location not only on the Sunshine Coast but in all of Australia to become easily self-sustained. Descendants of the first settlers to the region still are! You can too. Realway Mooloolah Valley.

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